Advancement Opportunities and Training Survey Template

The opportunity to grow in an organization can act as a big perk and motivation for employees. This free Advancement Opportunities and Training Survey Template can be used to measure their interest in the roles and responsibilities they have. Based on it, employers can create further opportunities for their growth and increase their satisfaction level.

Advancement Opportunities and Training Survey Questionnaire can help you retain employees and contribute to the growth of the organization. Use this free sample advancement opportunities and training survey questionnaire consisting of questions related to career growth, learning and development, and mentorship.

In my work, I find it easy to apply the training I have received.
There are opportunities available for me to develop new skills.
There are opportunities for me to cross-train and learn new skills.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the training you received for your present job?
I have an opportunity for career development within [Company].

I am encouraged to take the initiative in determining my own career development.

I have a good idea about the career opportunities open to me at [Company]

Overall, how satisfied are you with your career development within [company]?
Do you receive mentorship from your seniors?
Are you satisfied with the mentorship program?

Employee Evaluation Surveys

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For most organization the cost of employee turnover is astonishing! Exit survey template is designed to collect feedback from the outgoing employees. This sample survey template help organizations, understand the reasons why employees quit their organization. Through this questionnaire a pattern can be identified (if any) and reason(s) for employee exit can be pinned own. Once the reasons are revealed organizations can take corrective measures. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the organization's needs.

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